Saturday marks 78 years since the United States was plunged into World War II with the Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor. To commemorate the day, at least one of the survivors will be on hand for ceremonies at Wesley Bolin Plaza in Phoenix on Saturday.
10 hours ago
Under an executive order signed by President Donald Trump, in order for states and counties to accept refugees, they must opt in and notify the State Department in writing. Gov. Doug Ducey sent a letter to the State Department consenting to refugees resettling in Arizona.
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Surprise City Council Considers Raising Age To Buy E-Cigarettes
The Surprise City Council is considering raising the age to buy e-cigarettes and other tobacco products from 18 to 21. This comes at the same time a new survey found that more than 6 million middle- and high-school students have used some type of tobacco or nicotine product.
5 hours ago
Incomplete Cross-Border Tunnel Discovered In Nogales
U.S. and Mexican authorities found an incomplete tunnel running underneath the streets of Nogales this week. Tunnels are a common problem in the area.
6 hours ago
Report: Hundreds Of Asylum Seekers Face Violence After Return To Mexico
The advocacy group Human Rights First documented over 600 cases, but says there are likely many more incidents of violence faced by returned asylum seekers.
6 hours ago
How ASU Students Launched A Research Satellite Into Space
As research continues into the specifics of how sizzling temperatures affect Phoenix and other areas of the country, a group of students at ASU has developed a satellite that will be able to observe and provide data on the urban heat island from far above the earth.
7 hours ago
U.S. Attorney General Meets With Mexican Authorities
Attorney General William Barr traveled south of the border this week to meet with Mexican authorities, including the president. The conversations focused on improving security, and Mexico insists on protecting its sovereignty.
8 hours ago

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PG&E Announces $13.5 Billion Settlement Of Claims Linked To California Wildfires
The utility hopes the settlement will help it emerge from bankruptcy proceedings by the end of the year. When it declared bankruptcy in January, the company faced potential liabilities of $30 billion.
Tony And Emmy Award Winning Actor Ron Liebman Dies At 82
Liebman, who played a wide range of roles in films, the stage and television, is perhaps most popularly known for his role as the father of Jennifer Anniston's Rachel Green on "Friends."
Why The Trump Decision To Delay Aid To Ukraine Is Under Scrutiny
There are lots of reasons U.S. foreign aid can be held up or frozen. There's even a law that governs the issue. But many experts say what happened over the summer with Ukraine is highly irregular.
Will Glitches In Medicare's 'Plan Finder' Leave Some Seniors Stuck In The Wrong Plan?
With a deadline for Medicare enrollment looming, some lawmakers and advocates are concerned that Medicare hasn't done enough to reach out to consumers who might be affected by website problems.
Trump Declines to Take Part in 'Baseless' House Impeachment Inquiry
Democrats had offered to allow the president to have attorneys representing him at future impeachment hearings in the House.