A lot on the northeast corner of Central Avenue and Indian School Road has sat vacant for the better part of 26 years. It's the former home of the PHX Renews community garden and part of the Phoenix Indian School. What will its future hold?
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After 23 years on death row in Arizona, a Tucson man named Barry Jones just saw his conviction thrown out, which is very rare. Now, the state must decide if it will retry him or release him.


The Arizona State University football team is scheduled to start it’s 2018 season on September 1, but the east side of the Sun Devil Stadium is still under construction.
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There should be enough water in the Colorado River to meet the demands of Southwestern states, including Arizona, and Mexico for the next year. That could change by late next year.
A study led by University of Arizona may help scientists settle the contested timing of one of the largest volcanic eruptions of the last 4,000 years.
According to the Arizona Commerce Authority, more than 1,200 aerospace companies operate in the state. And as the industry grows, it works on ways to expand and make Mexico one of its prime allies.
Have you ever thought about spending a lot of time behind the wheel? How about driving 450,000 miles behind the wheel? That’s how much Arizona FedEx driver Mike Ortiz has driven — all without ever being in an accident.

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One of the most powerful and beloved voices of all time died Thursday in Detroit.
Hundreds of papers joined with the Boston Globe today in publishing editorials that express concern with President Trump's approach to the press.
Two women who are accused of an attack on the brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un using a nerve agent are to remain in custody after a judge said there was enough evidence of a "conspiracy."
Many employers use online ads to attract younger workers. Several pending lawsuits are testing whether employers using highly targeted recruitment ads can be sued for age discrimination.
Jack Phillips, who prevailed in a Supreme Court case about his refusal to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, is suing Colorado in a case involving a cake celebrating gender transition.