The first issue of Scottsdale’s hometown newspaper published in 1948 — before the city was even officially a city. The last iteration of the Scottsdale Progress ended in 2009. The paper relaunched Sunday, Sept. 16 — an anomaly in an era of shrinking local news coverage.
Brach Drew is the junior class president at Marcos de Niza High School in Tempe, and when The Show talked to him, he said the problem is that Juuling is easy to hide.


Ice Volcanoes Help Shape Topography Of Ceres
A newly published study by University of Arizona planetary scientists confirms the topography of the dwarf planet Ceres was shaped by ice volcanoes.
10 hours ago
Dr. Joseph Sirven: Location, Location, Location
When it comes to dementia prevention, realtors may have the right advice. Medical commentator Dr. Joseph Sirven explains.
Canadian Company Acquires Helium Rich Arizona Land
Earlier this month, about 4,000 acres of federal land in northern Arizona were put up for auction for oil and gas development.
11 hours ago
The Takeaway: As Detroit Schools Shut Down Water Over Lead Concerns, Contamination Points To A National Crisis
In Detroit, drinking water was shut off across all 106 public schools, when new test results showed elevated levels of copper and lead. While officials map out a long-term solution, students are left drinking bottled water supplied by the district.
Canals Could Become Economic Engines For Valley
As the weather starts to get a bit cooler, at least in the morning and evening, you might start to see more and more walkers, joggers, cyclists, dog walkers and other people along the canals that run through the Phoenix area.
11 hours ago

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A number of states are making it harder to protest the construction of oil and gas pipelines. Recent felony arrests in Louisiana could be a test case for these tougher new laws.
Eighteen-year-old Dasani Watkins and her family moved out of Barry Farm in May 2018. She talks about her time there, as the community prepares for redevelopment.
Getting mental health treatment to inmates who need it requires money and unprecedented collaboration between state and county departments of criminal justice and social services. Is it working?
The suit alleges "antiquated" gas lines of Columbia Gas and its parent company, NiSource, caused the over-pressurization of the system leading to the disaster in three towns.
Tesla says it handed over documents after CEO Elon Musk announced he would take Tesla private. Investigators might scrutinize the company's accounting practices and whether investors were misled.