Jan. 27 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp by the Russian Red Army in what was then Nazi-occupied Poland. More than a million people, mostly Jews, lost their lives in the infamous death camps. A new bill making its way through the Arizona Legislature would mandate the teaching of the Holocaust and other genocides in the state’s public schools. Meanwhile, visitors to the Capitol and to Phoenix’s main library will notice a new exhibit related to the Holocaust.
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The Senate is holding an impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, who is accused by the U.S. House of abusing his power and obstructing Congress. Watch live video from NPR.
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Arizona GOP Doubles Down On Liberal Hacks, Anti-Journalist Rhetoric
Less than two weeks after Sen. Martha McSally (R-Arizona) called CNN reporter Manu Raju a “liberal hack” when asked a question about impeachment, the state Republican Party Committee is seizing on the phrase and using it as a rallying cry.
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Arizona Bill Would Ban Transgender Girls, Women From Teams
Transgender girls and women would be barred from participating in sports on the team that aligns with their gender identity under a proposed Arizona law. The proposal announced by GOP Rep. Nancy Barto on Friday is co-sponsored by 22 other Republican House members and is the latest on a growing list of more than a dozen states with bills that focus on transgender young people.
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Heres What Happened This Week In Arizona History: Jan. 26-Feb. 1
This week in 1935, the 3-million-pound gate at Boulder Dam was closed and Lake Mead began to fill. A collection of the interesting — and sometimes unusual — events that happened this week in Arizona history.
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LeBaron Family Lead Rally For Peace In Mexico City
Hundreds of people rallied on Sunday in Mexico City demanding peace and justice to the victims of organized crime. Among them were the relatives of the women and children murdered in November in Sonora, Mexico, allegedly by traffickers.
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Consultant Says Downtown Phoenix Needs Hotel And District
A market study involving the Phoenix Convention Center points out challenges and opportunities as the city considers what to do with the South Building.
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Trump Tries To Hold On To Spotlight As Impeachment Enters Week 2
President Trump will meet with Israel's prime minister on Monday. Then Wednesday he'll sign a much-anticipated trade deal. This week he also has two campaign rallies.
U.S. Plane Goes Down In Afghanistan, Prompting Wave Of Questions, Contradictions
A U.S. official tells NPR that two people died when the aircraft went down in Ghazni province. The official blamed mechanical problems — but the Taliban claims to have shot it down.
Billie Eilish Sweeps Grammys In Ceremony Clouded By Controversy And Mourning
In a night when Eilish, the youngest artist to win Album and Record of the year, might have otherwise been the whole story, the Recording Academy could not quite put its recent scandals behind it.
What To Watch For As Trump's Legal Team Resumes Its Impeachment Defense
President Trump's lawyers will continue their presentation Monday, but claims from John Bolton's upcoming book about what Trump told his former national security adviser loomed over the proceedings.
Watch as experts on income inequality discuss a recent NPR poll that is notable for capturing the views of the top 1% of earners in America. The webcast will be livestreamed at 12 p.m. ET Monday.